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Here you will find my recommendations including other ministries, books to read and videos to watch .  There are many voices out there... we live in a time of great deception and we must pray for a spirit to discern.  I just want to narrow it down for you.   Everyone of these teachings has influenced or shaped my walk of faith in some way or form.  I truly believe that these men and woman were chosen for a time like this and that the messages they bring are in line with the Word of YHUH.  You will never be 100% in agreement with every word of every teacher and preacher.  Beware not to have preconceived judgements about a teacher or teaching...  Listen to it and ask Holy Spirit to guide you.  We can always learn from everybody.  May our Messiah and the Spirit of Truth guide you.  Shalom



If you are struggling with you health and you have wondered about faith and healing, I really recommend that you read Dr. MK. Strydom's Book, 'Healing begins with the sanctification of the heart'.   This will be one of the most important books you will ever read.   It brings knowledge and truth, and the Truth will set you free.  The faith aspect of the book is based on Scripture but she also explains to you in detail what happens in your body, on a physical level, when you get sick.   She takes the mystery out of a disease and brings hope to everybody struggling with any kind of disease.  I know that she is busy rewriting her book, and it is unfortunately not currently available.  Keep an eye on her website for conferences and the release of her new book.  You can also find her teachings on Youtube:



Sarah Jubilee Shama Book

sarah jubilee


Sarah Jubilee was called by our Messiah when she was just 12 years old. Holy Spirit started to prepare and teach her as a prophet.  When she was 16 years old, she was tasked to start writing letters to the Bride of Yeshua.  The purpose was clear - she was to sound the trumpet so that the Bride will awaken from her sleepy state.  One of her journals, the Shamais a powerful guide to help believers return to their first love and learn to walk in daily love and obedience. 

I highly recommend this book!

She also sings with Lize Wiid and they have a couple of albums that are truly Spirit-filled and allows the listener to soak in the presence of God.   You can order her Shama diary, other books, music and more on her website.  All of their music are also available on iTunes.


Youtube:  Return to your first Love - Sarah Jubilee & Lize Wiid

Facebook:  Sarah en David Facebook Page

Lize Hadassah wiid


Lize Hadassah Wiid is by far the most anointed singer/songwriter I've met.  Her music transport you straight to heaven...  I never get tired of it and I love to play it out loud when I do a petition or if I am busy with spiritual warfare.  Her music does not need justification, click on the links below and listen for yourself!   Not only is she a talented musician, but she also wrote an inspiring book about her life story -'Born for such a Time'.   Her book is easy to relate to and makes you realise that we struggle with the same things in life... It will give you the courage to keep on pursuing your calling.  You can also order her book and music from Sarah Jubilee's website and iTunes [under Lize Hadassah Wiid AND Lize Wiid).



Youtube:  Lize's Youtube channel


Lize Hadassah Wiid Sound of the Bridegroom

MLC Ministries

You have to visit their AMAZING bookstore and Prayer Room! Links at bottom


We are called as YHVH’s followers and faithful servants for a season of preparation. Within this season we believe Y’shua is crying out to His Bride saying TRUST ME, LEAN ON ME, RELY ON ME, I WILL BE YOUR SHEPHERD and I WILL NOT FORSAKE MY BRIDE, FOR SHE IS MY HEART.

MLC Ministries has a Call for Africa and surrounding Countries. We TRUST YHVH for a year of revival and revelation whilst the window is still open on His season of Grace. Time is running out and THE BRIDE needs to prepare herself for His Coming.

We believe that based on the Prophecies and Revelation of His Scriptures we are in the Last Days. Our Groom is almost done preparing the House and will be coming for His Beloved very Soon!!!

Our commitment this Year is to seek His Heart in all we do, so that we will not waste time being busy with works of the flesh but rather purposefully being busy  Redeeming, Restoring, Rebuilding, and Rededicating ourselves and others to His Heart.



Shalom Bookshop:

Prayer Room:



Retha and Aldo Mcpherson

Retha Mcpherson


Retha McPherson has a powerful testimony and ministry.  She focuses on the healing of your spirit man and talks about deliverance, breaking the curses of the enemy and reconnecting people with God.  I recommend that you attend one of her Spirit School sessions or one of her Camps.  She has LOTS of material.  You can visit her website or Youtube channel.



Youtube:  Retha's Youtube Channel


Ancient Hebrew Research Centre Alef Tav

Jeff. A. Benner


Jeff Benner is the researcher and writer behind the book I use for all my Ancient Hebrew Research.  He has other books and

videos also, if you are interested in the development of the Hebrew language, visit him on Youtube, Facebook or his website.


Youtube:  Jeff's Youtube channel


Corrie Ten Boom Die Skuilplek
Ira Milligan Understanding your Dreams

Reading list


Books I recommend: 


Rebecca Brown, MD - 'Becoming a vessel of Honor'

Corrie Ten Boom:  - 'The Hiding Place'  - Ook in Afrikaans - 'Die Skuilplek'.

Ira Milligan -  'The ultimate guide to understanding the dreams you dream.'

Martin van den Merwe -  'Hoor God Droom Woordeboek.'

Watchman Nee -  'The Spiritual Man'

Don Esposito -  'The Great Falling Away'

Earl Pitts 'Wealth, Money and Riches' 


Milk and Honey Ministry Shama Pomegranate Shma
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watch list


Videos I recommend: 


Jim Staley 'Identity Crisis' - Watch on Youtube

Jim Staley 'Truth or Tradition' - Watch on Youtube

Dr MK Strydom 'Healing begins with the Sanctification of the Heart' - Full Series - Watch on Youtube

Cole Davis 'Wolves and Lions' - Watch on Youtube



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