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Below you will find a list of Assignments given to me by Abba.  You can make these assignments your own by working through the files at your own pace and doing the prophetic action on your own, with your family or with your Bible study group.

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1: Gideons army - overthrowing the stronghold of leviathan (pride) in your bloodline(English)Leviathan, pride and the root of all evil. An eight day journey that will help overthrow the stronghold of pride. A call for unity and repentance in the body.  Listen to the voicenote below.

















This is not a forrest but ONE organism.  The Pando tree system. 


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2. fearless - in the footsteps of david (English)Wake Up! The city gates are at war!!! There is a new sound arising.  Deborah calling forth a nation to fight. It is time to clear the land and ask Abba for deliverance from one of our mightiest oppressors - FEAR. I invite you to come and participate in this assignment.  It was given by YHUH Nissi to us so that we can face and overcome fear and trauma.

We will go on a journey and look at the life of King David - a faithful and fearless servant of YHUH whose trust was in his Elohim alone.

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3. Coming soon: Tevah - creating an ark of safety for your loved ones (English)The next assignment will be an intersession and prophetic workshop to prepare a spiritual ark for your loved ones, even the once who are not saved.  Starting date to be confirmed.

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Gideons Army Invite
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