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Welcome to Milk&Honey Ministry where you can experience the fullness of the Kingdom.  Our main focus is on the sanctification of the Bride of the Lamb.   This message of refinement is being echoed by the Spirit through many countries, denominations and ministries.   We look at different themes in our teachings, some are written by me and some of the teachings are written by other men and women who stand in the service of our King.


We know the season of our Messiahs return is near and that is why we are focusing on the preparation and the purification of the Bride.  During this season I will choose to focus on the realm of Light and not on the realm of darkness.  In other words,  we will focus on the message given to the Bride during this time and not occupy ourselves with the work of the enemy.  Rather focus on the one true King than try to figure out who the false Messiah might be.


We hope to encourage people through our teachings to draw closer to the Father.  To enter into His presence and to make true Teshuvah (Repentance and changing behaviour.)  We are echoing the call of John in the Wilderness, Prepare the way for the King of Kings!


The Bride needs to be without spot, blemish and wrinkle.  She needs to start bearing fruits of righteousness not out of her own works of the flesh but through living and walking in the Spirit.   Fruit are ONLY produced through abiding in the Vine and allowing the Vinedresser to prune away all the dead branches that are not producing fruit.


There is a call to return to the heart of Abba, to run after Him with all that you are, your whole heart, your whole soul and your whole spirit.

On the website you will find links to various Youtube video teachings and courses as well as unique assignments on Telegram.

Please be sure to visit my three part testimony that plays via Instagram. You do not need to be an instagram subscriber but can view the video as a guest.

You will also find a link to my Kingdom Business, ATAVAH.  Our heart is to equip the Bride with everything she needs in spirit, soul and body.


May we grow one in Spirit... May we be prepared and ready when our Master returns... the Bride and the Spirit say Bo, Yahusha, Bo! Come, Jesus, Come.


Shalom and Blessings, 


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